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About Us

My fondest and some of my first memories are about creating or learning to create.

I started braiding rugs and simple sewing projects with my Grandma and I remember learning to embroider in my 2nd grade art class. My mom taught me to knit , Gloria, my neighbor got me started with home decor. I spent may hours beading and doing macrame with Corine , we've been friends for ever, and Nan her sister. But as I think back I remember the trips to Irean’s Craft Warehouse where their mom and dad worked. It was amazing. There was also a storefront that would make big box craft stores that we shop look like a beginners craft stash. I think that's when I got the bug. I want that warehouse to share with others. I also want to share all the great things they all taught me. I invite you all to join me on journey.